Sailing from Panama to Colombia

Very soon after I discovered the amazing San Blas archipelago in Panama, I set my mind on crossing between this country and Colombia by boat. Sailing boat that is. It took a couple of years but this time I finally got a chance to do it. With some careful research and discussion with companies who offer this trip, the right boat was chosen. And I was to go for the 4th time to these amazing paradise called San Blas.


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When you think you’ve seen it all…

It was 6 in the morning and I couldn’t stop shivering from the cold while being stranded for a couple of hours at the Tucuman bus terminal. For the first time, since have bought it couple of months ago in La Paz, I pulled out from my backpack an alpaca sweater. And I survived already Altiplano and Patagonia without it. But now the double long sleeves, a jumper and anorak that I was already wearing, just didn’t do the job. At that point only thought I had in my mind, was about how the north of Argentina should be more than worth all the effort. And it absolutely was, as I found myself suddenly running out of time. Against my expectations.


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Uruguay or when not to go there…

Since my final destination of deep south was reached, have found myself again without a true travel plan, only with a direction. North. Yes, but of course I’m going back north. On the east side of the continent. So after spending three weeks of volunteering with 50 horses and numerous dogs in pampa near Buenos Aires, I had two options. Because had spent so much time in cold and windy parts, I wanted to get some beach time. And Uruguay was just across the river from Buenos Aires. With its miles and miles of sandy beaches. Perfect right? Only that I arrived there a day after a 2nd ever in the history tornado destroyed one town. And the majority of the country was pretty much flooded with closed roads due to the heavy torrential rain…


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Southern exposure

Since the beginning of this big travel, I have been saying that I’m going south. Was like my mantra. While being still up there on this continent, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, it was quite clear about where is the south. Until I got to Chile. First had to decide on what side of the continent I’m continuing going south, the western or eastern. And the roadtrip happened. But then I suddenly didn’t know how far to the south or where I am actually going. Was pretty much quite far down already. In Punta Arenas. So not many options left. Either Antarctica, Ushuaia or…Isla Navarino. And this is where, after a couple of days pondering about, I headed on the end. Say Isla what, where?


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Hit the road Jack – Ruta 40

Soon after we crossed to Argentina we got slightly lost. For a while we were heading north instead toward the south. Oooops. Blame it on poor signalization. But no harm done, soon we were driving into the void. Known as Argentinian Patagonian pampa aka Wild Wild West (a playground for some famous historical characters like Billy The Kid, Sundance Kid etc). And the famous Ruta 40…


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